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Helping More People To Build Their Own Homes

Our philosophy was born from our MD Gus’s personal journey in 2009, where the experience of building his own home revealed both the potential of collaborative home creation and the challenges associated with a first time self-build project.

The journey was difficult but the end result was definitely worth it. Gus created a unique home that wasn’t just a modern structure, but a reflection of his personal values: environmentally friendly, robust, brilliantly designed, and cost-effective. This experience cemented Gus’s belief that when people are involved in making their homes, the outcome is invariably far superior.

From that moment on, the Unboxed Homes mission has been to help more people build their own homes and to find ways to make it easier for them to do so.

In the UK, new build homes have been reduced to a cookie-cutter commodity.

It’s a depressing fact that 70% of the UK’s new homes are produced by only seven companies. Only 6% have benefitted from an architect’s expert design.

It’s no wonder that 76% of people recently surveyed by The Royal Institute of British Architects said they would never buy a new build home.

We think that’s such a shame because new builds can be brilliant and delightful. Even more so when people get to create them themselves…

At Unboxed Homes, we believe many more people should experience the life changing benefits that come from building your own home.